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Standardization of
Cargo Service Quality Assessment

CSQ is a fully automated, technology driven tool designed for an independent assessment of the service quality delivery at each step of the Air Cargo Supply Chain

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51 Checkpoints    

Assess your cargo service across 51 parameters ranging from environment, handling, storage and many more

Key benefits of joining CSQ

Objective Assessment of Quality of Service Delivery

An independent evaluation provides you first step in improving quality by measuring it.

Established Benchmark parameters

For the first time in aviation history, TIACA has developed standardized measurement criteria to benchmark cargo service quality.

Gap Analysis - Identification of Strength and Improvement areas

Know your strengths & focus on clearly defined improvement areas.

Visibility of Service Quality of other Operators

Understand performance of industry leaders and peers.

Optimization of Investments

Prioritize your investments based on customer feedback.

Sharing Best Practices with other airports and ground handlers

Learn the secret sauce of success of industry leaders.


TIACA’s online Cargo Service Quality (CSQ) rating tool covers every aspect of air cargo processing, including

  • Process
  • Technology
  • Facilities
  • Regulators
  • General Airport Infrastructure
  • & Others
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